Blue Hen Falls Afternoon

I love National Parks!! There I said it! Over this past summer we had a grand time visiting a number of parks in the western part of the US. Close to where I live in Ohio we have a Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Although it’s not like the grand parks of the west it is a very nice place to visit when I’m close to home.

Over the weekend I got the chance to hike to Blue Hen falls with my family. It’s been a long, cold winter and even though the weather wasn’t great we just needed some fresh air!

Blue Hen Falls is a nice little hike and I was really hoping to see some icicles by the falls. Well, we didn’t see icicles but the water was clear and very pretty.

My son “forgot” his winter coat at home so he was all layered up in donations from the rest of us!

Blue Hen Falls one of many sights to see in the park and I’m sure that we will be heading back when the weather is a little bit better. Until then you will find me snuggled up in front of my fireplace!

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