What’s it All About?

Wishes at the Magic Kingdom

A life in focus….what does that really mean? It took Nancy and me a long time to settle in on a name for the blog we wanted to start. You see the hard part for us was to focus. We have many interests, hobbies, and passions that make up each of our daily lives. Trying to focus on one major topic was proving to be close to impossible. What brought Nancy and I together was Disney photography. We initially met through a Facebook group about Disney photography. People on that page share images and camera settings and offer encouragement to one another. 

Photography fun with Tinkerbell.

As life would have it we ended up running into each other on the Ticket and Transportation ferry dock at Walt Disney World in Florida one night as we were shooting Wishes (the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom at that time). Nancy and her family are from Ohio and were in Florida for a summer trip. I live in Florida about 3.5 hours from Disney World and had just arrived in time to shoot fireworks. We talked briefly that evening but did not initially realize who each other was. After the show, we wished each other a good night and then went our separate ways. It wasn’t until the next day that we realized that we were already friends on Facebook.

Family time in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our friendship may have started through our mutual love of photography but the more time we spend together we realize we share many more common interests. We tossed around the idea of starting a blog or Facebook page as a place to share our Disney photo images but kept coming back to other topics of interest. Did we really want to limit ourselves to just Disney photography? Over the last year, we have taken several trips that didn’t have anything to do with Disney and needed a place to share about that too. And then, of course, we need a place to share the fun crafty things we make with our Cricuts and Heat Presses. Nancy and I both work with kids each day. She is a teacher and I am a home childcare provider. And as anyone who deals with kids knows there is always something going on worth sharing. The more we tried to focus the less focused we became. We would throw our names every few weeks and nothing felt right. So fast forward a little bit to the name we chose…A Life In Focus. When we said it just felt right. It felt settled. Just like with our bodies there is not just one thing that keeps us working properly. Our bodies have many parts that all work together to make us whole. Similarly, our lives have many parts that make us whole. It is all the little details that make up this life. And what we hope to do with this blog is to share the little details we are focusing on that bring us joy and happiness and in turn bring a little laughter and joy to your lives as well.

Sunset on Lake Erie.

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