Anyone up for a cozy cabin getaway?

Our President’s Day weekend was filled with so much fun. We met in North Carolina with our husbands to visit, hike and take pictures. Laurie found us a really nice Air B&B cabin to stay in. It was perfect for a weekend getaway! We looked for a place that was about half way between Ohio and Tallahassee and Brevard ended up being the place! TheRead Now

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it’s almost Valentines Day and with a 10 year old son that means I need to get Valentines. Luckily I found a great idea online. So with the help of my trusty Cricut I was off to create some personalized Valentines for his classmates. The following short clips show how I made his valentines. Laurie and I both have Cricuts and love them soRead Now